Your FloatingMat comes with a one-year warranty as set forth below and is given by FloatingMats, LLC, only in respect to product purchased and used in the United States.
FloatingMats, LLC’s product(s), when delivered to you in a new condition in original container, are warranted against defects in material or workmanship for one year from date of purchase so long as the product remains the possession of the original owner. Defective product(s) returned to FloatingMats, LLC, or an authorized service location, and proven to be defective upon inspection, will be repaired or exchanged for a new product where applicable. The warranty period for any replacement product shall be consistent with the terms set forth of the One Year Warranty.
When returning any product under this One Year Warranty, you must first contact FloatingMats, LLC, to obtain return authorization. The product must be packaged securely with a copy of the invoice or bill of sale, together with a complete description of the defect. Shipping charges, if any, will be prepaid by the customer. Products covered by this One Year Warranty will be returned to you without charge by FloatingMats, LLC.


This One Year Warranty covers only manufacturing defects and does not apply in the following cases:

  • Loss or damage to the product due to abuse; mishandling; alteration; accident; failure to follow maintenance or storage instructions; or any acts of God, including storm or animal damage.
  • Loss or damage to the product from towing or incorrect tethering.
  • Surface snags, scuffs and tears from sharp objects, including metal objects, nails, claws, swim suit ornamentation, jewelry, other water toys, etc.
  • Wear and tear from normal use and weathering, including weathering from UV light.
  • This One Year Warranty shall not extend to anyone other than the original purchaser of the product.
  • One Year Warranty does not apply when used for commercial use.


No implied warranty, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, or fitness for a particular purpose, applies to the product after the applicable period of express warranty stated above. No other express warranty, except as mentioned above, given by any person, firm, dealer or corporation with respect to your FloatingMat shall bind FloatingMats, LLC.

We would like to thank you again for your purchase of the FloatingMat.  We are sure that you will be provided with many years of enjoyment.
Should you have any questions, please contact us at email us at 1-833-FloatOn (1-833-356-2866) or click here

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