Floating Water Mats

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Why Choose


  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.!
  • Built with the highest-quality U.S. foam that ensures that your mat lays FLAT in the water!
  • Our largest mat, the OceanMat Deluxe, holds up to 18 people!
  • All of our full-size mats come with 4 Best-in-the-Industry Grommets to keep your mat – and you – in place on the water!

Double the Thickness

All our mats are almost double the thickness of other mats ensuring long term durability and maximum weight holding capacity. Our mats are also softer and less abrasive and come in various thickness+sizes: 3 ply all black 1 7/8; 3 ply black and blue 1 3/4 inch; 4 ply black and blue 2 inch; and 4 ply all blue 2 inch. 4 ply 2 inches is the ULTIMATE in flotation and strength.

Build Entire Islands

FloatingMats™ is the only floating water mat available on the market with a proprietary patent-pending heavy duty grommet system allowing you to take “control” of your mat while anchored or towed behind a boat. Our grommets also give you the ability to make your own Floating Mat island by tying up with other Floating Mats. We don’t leave you swinging in the wind and YOU control where the mat is.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Our durability makes our mats last longer. All FloatingMats™ are thermo-bonded for strength. Our largest mat can hold up to 18 people! All FloatingMats™ also have mildew protection built-in and will never become rough or cracked.