America's #1 Rated Water Mats for the Lake, River, or Ocean & 100% Made in the USA!


  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.!
  • Built with the highest-quality United States sourced foam that ensures that your mat lays FLAT in the water!
  • Our largest mat, the OceanMat Deluxe, holds up to 18 people!
  • All of our full-size mats come with 4 Best-in-the-Industry Grommets to keep your mat – and you – in place on the water!

Do You Love The Water?

Our FloatingMats are the perfect solution for anyone who loves the water!

We’ve revolutionized the way you play on the water with our easy-to-use floating mats that make it easy.

Whether it's a quiet day of relaxation for you or a day-long diversion for the kids, our FloatingMats make it easy to create memories that last a lifetime.

There is no inflation or assembly required, just roll them out and let the fun begin!

And when you are done, roll the mat back up and you are on your way.

Lasting memories couldn't be any easier!

Floating Mats

Double Thickness and Built to Last

All our mats are almost double the thickness of other mats ensuring long-term durability and maximum weight holding capacity.

Our durability makes our mats last longer because they’re thermo-bonded for strength. All FloatingMats™ also have mildew and UV protection built-in and will never become rough or cracked.

Our mats are also softer and less abrasive than our competitors given our reliance on only the highest quality, USA sourced foam.

Check out our mats in various thicknesses and sizes:

  • GrandMat

    3 ply all black 1 7/8 thick

  • GrandMat Deluxe

    3 ply Blue/Black 1 3/4 inch thick

  • OceanMat

    4 ply Blue/Black 2 inch thick

  • OceanMat Deluxe

    4 ply Blue/Black 2.25 inch thick

Build Entire Islands

FloatingMats™ is the only floating water mat available on the market with a proprietary patent-pending heavy-duty grommet system allowing you to take “control” of your mat while anchored.

Our grommets, made from durable U.S. sourced plastic, also give you the ability to make your own FloatingMat island by tying it up with other Floating Mats.

We use no metal on our mats at all, including in the grommets. Why?

  • Metal gets hot. That's no good.
  • As a hard surface, metal could cause injury to users.
  • Stainless steel and the gel coat on your boat are not a good mix.

All of our grommets feature a 1.5-inch think hole, which is easy for both larger cruiser ropes and smaller ropes.

As a result, we don’t leave you swinging in the wind, and you control where the mat is.

It's time to take control of your fun on the water and get your FloatingMat today!

Floating Mats
Floating Mats

Why Choose Us?

Made in the United States built with the highest-quality U.S. foam ensuring your mat lays flat in the water. Our largest mat, the OceanMat Deluxe, holds up to 18 people, and full-size mats come with 4 Best-in-the-Industry Grommets to keep your mat and you in place on the water!

When you are shopping for your first, or next, mat, make sure to notice the difference in weight between our FloatingMats and any competitors out there.

Our mats will be considerably lighter.

Why is that?

Because higher quality foam is actually softer and lighter than cheaper foam. With a cheap foam product, you will find it to be heavier and stiffer, which is not a good combination for fun on the water.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our company or our products at +1 (833) 356-2866.