From Yoga to Board Meetings: Surprising Uses For Your Floating Water Mat

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There’s nothing quite like spending a day on the lake, soaking up the sun and cooling off in the water. And you already know that a floating water mat is an absolute must-have for these types of days.

But have you ever thought about all the different ways you could use your water mat?

It turns out that these things are more versatile than you might think!

Let’s take a look at some surprising uses for your floating mat that you might not have considered before.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even discover a new favorite way to spend your summer days!

Floating Yoga Mat

Why not try using your floating mat as a unique yoga mat?

Imagine the tranquility of practicing yoga on the water, with nothing but you and the gentle sounds of the lake.

It’s a workout experience unlike any other and will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after this your uniquely challenging workout.

So, grab your mat, find a calm spot on the water, and get ready to flow through some poses. Namaste!

On The Water Babysitter

Looking for a way to keep the kids entertained while you take a break? Look no further than your trusty floating water mat!

Kids love playing on the water, and with a floating mat, they can enjoy all sorts of water-based fun without the need for constant supervision.

Whether they’re jumping off the mat, playing games, or just splashing around, your floating water mat is sure to keep them entertained for hours on end.

Just make sure to keep an eye on them from a distance, prioritize safety, and always require life jackets.

Board Meeting with Co-workers

Take your floating water mat to the next level by hosting a work or board meeting with coworkers.

Stick with me here… this takes the term power lunch to a whole new level. Think “power afternoon in the sun”.

And, for those of you that know, it can even become a work expense. Right?

But if you are going to be potentially hanging out with some coworkers during your time on the water, why not use your floating mat as a meeting table to gather around, float, and have a relaxed conversation where people might be a lot more likely to let there best ideas flow.

It’s a thought.

Extend Your Dock

If you’re lucky enough to have a waterfront property with your own dock, you know how important it is to make the most of your space.

The right floating mat, built with grommets to keep your mat attached and in place, makes a great dock extension, with extra space for lounging, fishing, or playing.

Just don’t leave your mat or mats out for an extended time. That’s no good for their long-term upkeep.


Meditation is a big thing these days – so many people are using the power of mindfullness to reset on a daily basis.

This follows a bit from the yoga take above, but without the movement.

Your floating water mat is a perfect place to just be. Especially if it’s just you and the sounds of nature and the focus on your breath and self.

If you haven’t tried it, you should.

A Playground

Your floating water mat makes the perfect on the water playground for kids of all ages.

Play games like football or volleyball or frisbee, create obstacle courses, have races – there are so many things you can do with your floating mat to give all the kids a day of fun and play.

Just make sure everybody plays nice, OK.

Happy Hour

Last, but certainly not least, your floating mat makes a perfect place to enjoy happy hour with your friends and family.

After the kids and dogs are worn out and chilling on the boat or in the house, it’s time for the adults to gather around the mat, float, enjoy a cold beverage, and connect in a way that only those who have shared time on the water can appreciate.

Well, we hope we’ve given you some ideas on new ways to use your floating mat.

If you don’t have a mat yet, or it’s time for a new one, make sure to visit our SHOP NOW page and checkout our selection of premium-quality, USA made floating mats we have for you here at

And if you’ve got some creative, but safe, ways to use your mat that we haven’t thought of – let us know!