Floating Mats

About FloatingMats.com - How It All Began

In 2011, our journey with FloatingMats began on the serene waters of Grand Lake o' the Cherokees, nestled in Northeast Oklahoma. The inspiration struck as we observed another group on the lake enjoying a floating water mat. Upon closer inspection, we learned it was from a company that was no longer in business, priced at a staggering $2,500, and constructed with subpar materials.

Recognizing the potential for improvement, we were driven by the belief that this fantastic product could be both more affordable and better crafted. Determined to bring this vision to life, I dedicated the summer to contemplating how to enhance this aquatic experience.

Fate played its part when, at an event, I stumbled upon rolls of foam reminiscent of what I had seen that summer. Eager to bring the idea to fruition, I sourced enough foam to create the first two prototypes of what would eventually evolve into FloatingMats, right in my garage.

Addressing a crucial component, the grommet, was the next challenge. Metal grommets, prevalent in most water mats, were not suitable due to potential injuries and damage to boat gel coats. Hence, I spent the fall and winter crafting our original grommets using plastic irrigation pipe, a rubber drain tub, and an electrical cap - a combination that proved to be both innovative and effective.

As summer arrived, our mats garnered attention on the lake, with curious boaters inquiring about our creation. The demand even led to requests for custom-made mats, prompting us to realize the business potential.

In 2012, FloatingMats.com was established, marking the beginning of a venture fueled by passion and innovation. The initial order, hailing from Alabama, was a testament to the growing interest in our products. Over the following year, collaboration with a 3D designer and manufacturer allowed us to refine our grommet into the high-quality, versatile version we offer today.

What sets FloatingMats apart is not just the USA-sourced premium foam, ensuring larger, thicker, and softer mats, but also our unique grommets. These grommets provide unparalleled flexibility, enabling users to tie up, anchor down, or create their water havens.

Our commitment endures - to provide you with the market's highest quality, most durable, and versatile floating water mat. Don't wait any longer – embark on your aquatic adventure and SHOP for yours now!