GrandMat® Deluxe


The GrandMat® Deluxe measures 21-feet long by 6-feet wide and is 1 3/4-inches thick with 3 layers 2 black & 1 blue. Holds 12-14 Adults or up to 2,600 Pounds of Weight. The GrandMat® Deluxe is constructed with 3 ply foam giving you the ULTIMATE in flotation strength and looks! It also includes 4 of our proprietary patent-pending grommets for maximum anchoring strength. Also, comes with one strap.



Introducing one of the newest members of the FloatingMats™ family – the GrandMat® Deluxe! With its stylish design and unparalleled strength, this 21-foot long by 6-foot wide floating mat is the ultimate accessory for your summer fun.

Constructed with three layers of foam, including two layers of black and one layer of blue, the GrandMat® Deluxe offers unmatched flotation strength and durability. It’s also 1 3/4-inches thick, providing a comfortable surface for lounging or playing on the water.

Capable of holding 12-14 adults or up to 2,600 pounds, this floating mat is perfect for group outings or family gatherings.

So what makes this mat deluxe? Glad you asked…

Firstly, the GrandMat® Deluxe is constructed with three layers of foam, including two layers of black and one layer of blue. This gives it a stylish appearance and unparalleled strength, making it capable of holding up to 2,600 pounds of weight or 12-14 adults.

Secondly, the GrandMat® Deluxe is slightly thinner than the GrandMat, measuring 1 3/4-inches thick, while the GrandMat® is 2 inches thick. While both mats provide ample flotation and stability, the GrandMat Deluxe is more comfortable for your day of lounging or playing on the water.

The GrandMat® Deluxe also features four of our proprietary patent-pending grommets, providing maximum anchoring strength and stability. Additionally, it comes with a convenient strap for easy transport and storage.

Typically ready to ship within seven days, the GrandMat® Deluxe is the perfect addition to any lake, ocean, or beach outing. Whether you’re looking to relax or have some fun in the sun, this floating mat has got you covered. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in water fun!

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 252 × 72 in


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